Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Visit Golf Course Florida

I’m in Florida to play golf at the charity event I talked about yesterday. It’s a beautiful day here in Florida. The weather is much better than in Washington and New York. The charity event is taking place in Hobe Sound, a few miles north of Palm Beach. It’s not on the coast, which is a pity, because I love the ocean.

The Former president Bush is here too. We took the plane here together. We also dined together last night. I ate fried fish. I love sea food. Yesterday was the last day I could eat whatever I wanted. That is I still have to follow my diet. Today I have to eat food according to doctor’s orders, because of the operation tomorrow. After that I’ll have to follow a new more strict diet. I’m not looking forward to it, but neither do I want to go back to hospital for another operation.

Greg Norman organized the golf event. He is a world famous golfer. It’s a charity event. Greg brought together about 70 amateur golfers, who are willing to donate thirty thousand dollars each to the relief efforts benefiting the victims of the tidal wave in the Indian Ocean. Americans are the most charitable people in the world, that is for sure. George and I had expected and hoped to raise a few hundred million dollars, but the amount Americans gave superceded our wildest dreams. I would like to thank each and every person, who donated towards this cause.

I’m staying at Greg Norman’s house. He is a big land developer here in Florida. He owns half the houses here in Hobe Sound. He was asking me why I didn’t move to Florida, since I like it so much. I didn’t tell him this, but I’m actually thinking about moving for health reasons. I can’t take the cold in New York anymore, not after my by-pass surgery. It’s not really because of the by-pass surgery, but because my immune system has taken a beating and every time I’m exposed to rain or freezing cold I get flu like symptoms. I’m thinking about moving to California, Los Angeles to be more precisely. I'm not giving up my place in Chappaqua, but I'm thinking about buying something out West, because I'll be spending more time over there.

I love Florida, but you are out of the game so to say, when you live in Florida. My life still revolves around politics, fundraising and the media. The only places for that are Los Angeles and New York.

One more comment about Greg. I asked him, why he had built these beautiful houses in Hobe Sound, since none of them were oceanfront properties. I probably shouldn’t have asked a question like that, but I did. What he said is something I’m still thinking about. He told me, if you build a house on the oceanfront, you will always face the wind. The ocean is colder than the temperatures on the land, so even on sunny days you feel chilly, because of the wind. I have never thought about that. It makes sense though.