Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sony Playstation Portable

I went to the mall today. Bobbi asked me to go with her and get a cup of coffee. I thought it was a good idea, because I could use the exercise. It was either that or sitting on my stationary bike for an hour. I hate that bike.

When we arrived at the mall, Bobbi did what most women do: she went to every shop except the one where they serve coffee. In the end she bought a Sony playstation portable. To me it looked like a Gameboy. I bought one for Chelsea a long time ago. I remember that very well, because it was very expensive.

This Sony playstation portable cost almost 300 dollars. Three hundred dollars for a toy! I don’t understand these youngsters. According to Bobbi she needs one, because she has to commute to her job every day. I told her to read a newspaper. She gave me a look.

Anyway we sat down at a coffee shop and tried to get the Gameboy to work. We had to charge it. It worked. Bobbi had bought one game, so as soon as she managed to get it to work she began playing the game.

I’m not very good at videogames. I’m not an avid player. To be honest the first time I played a videogame was only about seven years ago. I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I had to visit king Fahd. King Fahd is king in name only. Due to his age and mental state, his brother Crown Prince Abdullah governs the country.

When I arrived at King Fahd’s palace, he was sitting in the living room. The first thing I saw was a huge screen. The King was playing Nintendo games. He didn’t get up or even looked up. He gave me a joystick and challenged me to a race.

The game looked a bit like the Indy 500. We had to race cars. It was the first time I played one of these games, so I kept crashing my car. I remember, after the fiftieth crash the king looked at me and said “You suck”. He grabbed the joystick and told me to leave. I was stunned, but there was nothing much I could do, so I left. His brother later apologized to me for his brother's behavior.

After seeing Bobbi play with the portable playstation for a few minutes, I asked her if I could play too. I just wanted to see whether I was any good. The game she was playing looked familiar. It looked like a race game. I played it for a minute, but it kept saying Game Over.

I asked Bobbi what I was doing wrong? She told me to win at this game I had to crash my car into as many pedestrians as possible. Especially old women, they were worth a lot of points. I also had to stop once in a while and shoot at police officers.

I couldn’t believe my ears. That’s the sort of games young people play these days. I gave the portable playstation back to her.

I can’t crash my car into people. Game or no game. I just can’t do that.

After that we bought an ice cream and walked back to the house. It wasn’t until we arrived home that it dawned on me that I had made a huge mistake. I’m not allowed to eat ice cream. I completely forgot that. I have no idea how it happened, but I completely forgot about my diet.

I hope it doesn't have any consequences. I feel good right now. I'm tired, but I feel good.