Thursday, March 03, 2005

Roger and the Detox clinic

Roger has broken out of the detox clinic in Arizona and fueled by booze and drugs he is running amok in LA’s seedy clubs and strip joints. Oh God, sometimes I really hate my family. Why can’t they leave me alone for one damn moment? I had such a good time in Asia. Why can’t I be happy?

Now on my first day home in the States I have to help my baby brother of fifty damn years get out of trouble. What is this? His friends tell me he tried to borrow money and when they said no, he went to those guys, who will lend you money, but who don’t send a lawyer, when you miss a payment. They take it out on your knee caps or ribs.

Oh God, the guy is insane and he’s driving me insane too.

I have a speech to make in Los Angeles tomorrow. I’m talking to a group of lawyers. I wish I could cancel that. I’m not in the mood. After that I’m meeting up with Bobbi. I asked her to look for a private detective. She found one. We will visit him tomorrow.

I really hate my brother right now. Right now I wish somebody would give him a good beating.

But he is my brother. I don’t want him to get into trouble and I know he is going to get into trouble, because he is always getting into trouble.

He’s on parole. If the judge finds out what he’s doing he’s going to jail. If he isn’t dead by that time. I fear for his life. That’s why I have to go after him.