Friday, March 11, 2005

Recovering after Surgery

I just visited the president. He is doing very well. I’m at the El Presidente restaurant across the street from the hospital right now. The nurses woke up the president at about seven this morning. He is able to walk around. He does have trouble moving his arms and shoulders. He took a shower and they gave him breakfast. He had to drink milk, because the nurses wouldn’t allow him to drink tea or coffee.

The president told me that tea and coffee keep fluids in the body from leaving the body through transpiration. He told me he had heard this before, because that is the reason Arabs living in the desert drink a lot of tea and coffee, to keep them from sweating. Because if they sweat they have to drink water and since there isn’t a lot of water, they drink tea and coffee to make sure they don’t sweat.

The president didn’t really like the nurse’s order to drink milk, because according to him, he can’t start the day without a cup of coffee.

I brought him a few newspapers this morning. Mr. Clinton loves to read. He has trouble turning the pages, so I helped him with that.

The president’s room wasn’t as crowded with nurses, doctors and visitors as yesterday. Mrs. Clinton is at the hospital. I didn’t see Chelsea, maybe she will visit her dad later in the day. The president’s staff working at the Harlem office will visit the president later today too.

The president is doing fine, although I must say, he gave us quite a scare yesterday. Well actually the doctor did. Doctor Sonett told us before the operation that it would only take about an hour or two. Mr. Clinton was in the operating room for four hours. That frightened us. The doctor told us, when they opened the president’s chest and looked inside with a small camera, they saw that the scar tissue was much bigger than they had anticipated. They had to make a bigger incision in the president’s chest to be able to cut away all the scar tissue.

So although the president is feeling fine, we are worried. To have scar tissue growing and pressing on your lungs, like the president had after a heart bypass surgery is very rare, according to the doctor. Now that we found out that there was more scar tissue than the doctors anticipated, we are very worried.

Not the president. He’s in a very good mood. I have to go back to the hospital right now, but I will keep you updated on the president's recuperation.

Bobbi Lamoon