Sunday, March 27, 2005

Re-hiring Private Investigator

It’s Easter Sunday today. I’m getting ready to go to church with Hillary. It will be my first outing, since my surgery. I feel good, but I don’t know if I can take the strain of meeting so many people and sitting on a bench for so many hours without moving. But it’s an important day, so I have to attend church.

Gil, the private investigator is back in my life. He called me yesterday. I didn’t want to talk to him. He apologized for his behavior in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. He practically begged me to hire him again to find Roger. He told me Roger had disappeared and he feared the worst.

I didn’t take the bait. I wasn’t in a forgiving mood. I told him after what he had done, I would never trust him again. He began crying. He told me he had been retired from the police force, because of his alcohol abuse. He also told me his wife had left him and that he hadn’t seen his daughter for nine months, because his former wife didn’t allow him to visit her until he had paid his child support arrears.

He told me he had run up a lot of credit card debts during the time he had hit rock bottom. He was now trying to crawl out of the hole he had dug for himself. He told me he needed the money he received for the pictures he took at the motel to pay down his debts, so he could start a new life.

I told him I wasn’t interested in either his or Roger’s life and I told him to leave me alone. I put the receiver down.

But I was interested. I felt sorry for him, but I was also worried about Roger. As long as he is acting crazy, he is alive, but Gil couldn’t find him nowhere. What does that mean? I’m worried. I know Roger. If there is a trouble, my brother will get into it.

That’s Roger.

I thought about the situation for exactly five minutes. That’s when I received another phone call. It was Gil’s mother. I was stunned. I never recovered during the whole half hour we were talking.

Apparently Gil had given her my phone number and had asked her to help him persuade me to give him another chance. And that’s exactly what she did. I should’ve ended the conversation, but I couldn’t.

She wanted me to know how sorry Gil was for what he had done. She told me how Gil’s alcoholism had started, because of his ex-wife, who according to her was a “wild woman” more interested in having fun than running the household. She had been a chorus girl, a dancer I guess on Broadway before her marriage to Gil.

Gil’s mom never approved of the daughter in law. According to her she had begged Gil to marry another girl. A good girl according to her, but Gil had been stubborn. The situation now was this. This other woman had become a widow three months ago.

As I said we talked, well she talked to me for about half an hour. So I know that the other woman’s husband was a bus driver. He had a heart attack as he was driving the bus and the ride ended in the New York harbor. The husband was the only one, who was seriously hurt. The bus landed in shallow waters.

She was trying to persuade Gil to marry the widow.

She also talked about forgiveness and the Lord and how yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow was Easter Sunday. She told me that her husband had died and that Gil was all she had left. She began crying.

There was nothing else I could do except tell her I would hire her son again. She was very happy about that. She thanked me and said she always knew I was a good man, she had been a lifelong Democrat and that she had voted for me twice. I thanked her.

After the phone call, I knew I had made a mistake by engaging Gil again, but there is no going back now. I do want to find my little brother. I want nothing to happen to him. If you go to church, please say a prayer for him.

I’m worried. More than I can say, but I have to wait. There is nothing else I can do.

God bless you and have a good Sunday.