Monday, March 28, 2005

Leapin' Lizards It's Liberace

Hillary and I had a wonderful day today. We spent the whole day together. I think Hillary understood I wasn’t feeling very well and took charge. She gave the housekeeper a day off and told the secret service agents to stay out of the house. At least that is what I think she did, because I haven’t seen any of them all day long.

I made some fire in the fireplace. We watched two Liberace DVD’s. I’m a big fan of Liberace. Hillary and I saw him about two years before he died at Madison Square Garden in New York. He always brings a smile to my face. I will ask Bobbi to find a clip on the internet, so younger readers will get a chance to see him at work. (watch a short Liberace video clip)

Hillary made tea and put some cookies on the table. We sat on the couch all afternoon. We held hands. We were flirting with each other. I guess that’s something you never stop doing no matter how old you get.

I had a wonderful afternoon thanks to Hillary. She is a wonderful wife, such a beautiful woman. On days like this I’m reminded I don’t deserve her love. I can only hope I can repay her in some way some day.

The bond between us today was such that I felt I should tell her I miss her, because she’s in Washington all the time. I looked at her for at least five minutes trying to find the courage to tell her what I thought. She looked at me, I didn’t go through. I just smiled. She smiled back.

This was not the time to make her feel uncomfortable, to give her the idea she was neglecting me. She’s a good wife and days like this one make me forget all the days we are apart.

That’s what’s important.

I have also decided to follow the advice of some of the commentators on this diary. I will try and call the poor woman I saw yesterday and see how she’s doing. You are right. I shouldn’t wait for other people to act. I should do something myself.