Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hiring a Private Detective

I met the private detective. Bobbi and I went to his office on Wilshire Boulevard. I took Bobbi with me, because I want her to be the link between me and the private eye.

We arrived two hours earlier than the time of our appointment. I did this on purpose. It’s a trick I learned when I was a district attorney in Arkansas. If you want to get to know someone, who is a stranger, visit that person without prior warning and you’ll see that person as he really is without the polished exterior.

I remember we had set up an appointment with a banker, we suspected of fraud. We arrived at his office a day before we said we’d be there. When we arrived, his secretary was putting documents in garbage bags. Ten minutes later, the banker confessed and we worked out a plea bargain. I didn’t like the job. You have to deal with the underbelly of society, the punishment side of life, where as I’m more interested in enacting policies, which prevent people from committing crimes. Not too long after that I ran for governor.

As I said we were an hour early. I didn’t knock on the door. I just stepped inside. To be honest I wasn’t very at ease. I’m very mad at Roger for putting me in this situation.

The investigator is a short, chubby man. He was sitting behind his desk, back to the door, shoes up against the window. The room was messy with files. He was listening to the radio. I said “Excuse me, I knocked on the door, there wasn’t any reply, so we entered”. He turned around. “What do you want?” I told him we had an appointment. He said I was too early, don’t mind the mess, they were doing their spring cleaning.

I sat down and took off my glasses. He jumped up saying “Mr. President”. He sat down immediately, apologizing.

According to Bobbi my most distinct feature are my eyes. I bought glasses to cover them up. My glasses look like sunglasses. She is right, maybe it’s the fact that after my operation I lost a lot of weight, when I put on my glasses, nobody recognizes me. I’m glad about that.

My first impressions of this guy weren’t too good. He had food stains on his shirt and there were take out food boxes all over the place. It is just a small operation. That’s the way I want it though.

I talked to my lawyer and asked him to hire a private detective. He told me that any private investigator, who knew of a breach of law and didn’t report it would lose his license. Roger is out on parole. He is in breach of his sentence. If the police finds out, he will have to go to jail. I don’t want that. That’s the reason I opted for this small company. I received this guy’s name from my good friend Kevin Spacey. He told me I could trust him to keep his mouth shut and my name out of the books.

The detective told me he was a retired former police officer, a homicide detective. He also told me I had met him seven years ago during a speech at an event organized by his union. His name is Gil. I told him why I needed him. He told me the best way to find Roger was to visit his friends and ask them where he usually hangs out. That seemed reasonable to me. He asked for three hundred dollars a day plus expenses, which seemed reasonable to me too.

He is now visiting Roger’s friends and systematically searching the clubs he normally frequents. I hope we find him in time.

After we left Gil I asked Bobbi what she thought of him. She doesn’t like him. To be honest and I hate prejudging people, I don’t really trust him either.