Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Building a Gazebo

I’ve been resting today. I walked around the house. I can’t go outside, because of the cold weather. If I catch a cold, that would set back my healing process at least a few weeks. I want to get better as soon as possible.

I was sitting in front of the window in my living room looking at our backyard. I really made a mistake by not going through with my plan to build a glass gazebo in the garden. It’s not really a gazebo, but more a cross between a greenhouse and a gazebo. The gazebo should be as beautiful as the gazebos I knew when I was a little boy in Arkansas, but it should also be completely surrounded by glass, because I want to be able to sit in it during the harsh winters here in New York.

I want to put a good heating system in it and electricity, because I want to be able to use a coffee maker and a television set to watch sports. I did talk to Hillary about building one last summer, but she said “Why? You already have a barn”. I have to talk to her again about this matter.

I noticed something looking at my garden. I totally missed the blooming of the pear trees. I also missed the ripening of the pears. I was looking forward to see that process, but I was so busy, I totally forgot about the pear trees. We can’t eat the pears yet. The trees need to grow for about another year or two.

I’ve been reading a book I received from a friend of mine. He's the publisher. It’s a science fiction book. I also watched the Johnny Carson DVD’s Bobbi bought. I was amazed she only paid 113 dollars for 10 DVD’s. I would trust Bobbi with my wallet any day.

It reminds me to thank Bobbi for all the hard work she did during the past few days. I appreciate it very much.

Rests me to say I feel good. The stitches in my chest itch, but I can’t scratch it. That drives me crazy at times, but I have to be careful not to open the wound.