Saturday, March 05, 2005

Blog changes

The lay-out of this diary will change. As you know, I'm a PR- manager. My first priority is to sell Mr. Clinton's autobiography "My Life", both the paperback version and the limited signed collectors' version, which costs 350 dollars. If you want one, on the left sidebar is more information about that edition.

I've added Google ads, because they allow people outside of the United States to buy the president's book locally.

I took away the comment box, because some people were abusive. As a PR- manager you don't want that. Mr. Clinton misses people's reactions, good or bad. You know the president. It's very hard for me to ask him to keep writing, when he feels nobody is listening, because there are no reactions. So you can comment again.

I will monitor the comments and if you abuse it, you will be banned for life. If you know something others don't know, just smile and move on. Don't be a smart ass, because it will get you banned and this diary will continue as it has for the past 9 months.

I will install the comment box right after this post. And don't forget to buy the president's book. I could use a bonus :-)

Bobbi Lamoon

Added: You can buy president Clinton's signed limited edition book at Amazon for 350 dollars. I just want to warn you, because some are selling the book for 500 dollars or 600 dollars or 650 dollars. I've seen them at auction sites going for 934 dollars.

As soon as the last few copies of the signed limited edition are sold by the publisher, you will have to pay the higher price. There are only 1,500 copies of this edition. There are 300 million Americans. It is a collectors' item, so you'll never get it as cheap as this again.

I used to work for the publisher. I know how these things work.