Tuesday, February 01, 2005

United Nations

I’ve been appointed special envoy by the United Nation’s secretary general Kofi Annan. My job will be to help raise funds for the victims of the tsunami in Asia. President Bush asked me to do it nationally, but now I’m asked to do it worldwide.

Former president Bush, my partner in the national effort was asked to be a UN envoy too. He declined. My good friend Kofi asked me to talk to the former president and try to persuade him to accept the job. I called George Bush, that’s senior, but he was adamant. He said "Bill, I will not be a rock in the road of my son’s presidency. I’m not going to do anything that could be perceived as contravening or mitigating or contradicting my son’s policies". The current president Bush has a rocky relationship with the United Nations. So I understood I couldn’t change his mind.

I am very humbled, proud and happy that I was chosen for this role. I’m looking forward to doing this very important job.