Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union address

I watched the State of the Union address. I've been around long enough to know whether there is momentum or not. President Bush's most important proposal in the next four years, privatizing Social Security will pass congress.

I wasn't sure about it. A lot of Democratic and liberal groups were making a good case of keeping SS as it is. I thought they might succeed in frightening enough Republican politicians, who might run for reelection, to derail the proposal. I thought they would be able to convince most Americans that Social Security wasn't a problem.

When I saw the Iraqi lady hug Mrs. Norwood, the mother of the marine, who died during the assault on Fallujah, I knew the president would get his way. It's about trust.

The president took this country to war even though the nation was divided. He asked the American people to trust him. It was in our national interest to liberate Iraq. Half the country doubted him.

The elections in Iraq on Sunday and the hug the two ladies shared, made one thing clear to most Americans, president Bush was right. Even the doubters can't deny Bush is succeeding in Iraq.

The president has shown he can be trusted. It means Americans right now have enough confidence in president Bush to allow him to lead them on the Social Security issue. I have no doubt that it will pass.