Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Greek Myths

Bobbi shows a lot of promise. She is one of those young Democrats I keep talking about. Committed activists, who one day will lead our party. She has a habit of making notes every time I speak. I am a very successful 30 year veteran of politics. The only way you will learn the nuts and bolts of politics is by doing it or listening to someone with experience. She is a smart young lady.

I told her a story from the old Greek mythology. I had to point her to the point I was making, but she caught on pretty fast. Let me tell the story and see how quick you are seeing the message behind the story.

The old Greeks thought there was a reason why tall grass, moved by the wind goes “wash, wash”. The reason for that is the king of Minos. He was born with donkey ears. His parents were devastated and made sure nobody ever knew about it. After his parents died King Minos continued to cover them up with a hat. Nobody knew his little secret, except for his old barber, who was a mute. Now the old barber died, so a new one had to be appointed. The unsuspecting fellow received the shock of his life when King Minos took off his hat the first time. “Your majesty”, he said “You have donkey ears”. “Yes”, said the King, “And if I ever hear rumors about it, I know it was you, who started it and I will kill you”. The barber kept his mouth and did his job.

One month, two months. The barber was a healthy, normal barber and like most barbers he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He was going crazy. He had to talk to somebody. Three months, four months. He couldn’t sleep anymore. King Minos has donkey ears was all he could think about. Many times, cutting other clients’ hair he caught himself almost telling the secret.

One day he said to himself “I can’t go on like this. I have to spread this rumor. If I do it I’m going to die, but if I don’t do it I will lose my mind”. So he runs as far away from the town as possible, gets into the tall grass and screams “King Minos has donkey ears”.

He felt so much better. He went back to town a happy man. The tall grass, entrusted with such a juicy gossip couldn’t keep their mouth either, so every time the wind provokes them they go “wash, wash, wash”.

That sound sounds like “King Minos has donkey ears” in its original old Greek translation.

Recently I heard there is some commotion about teaching evolution and creation as equal theories in school. I believe in the Good Lord. I also believe that we shouldn’t let Christian fundamentalists take this country back to the dark ages. We are creating a national security problem if we teach children that, not science and discovery are the way to explore and explain the world and the laws of nature, but God and the Bible.

I believe in Ronal Reagan’s premise. We are safe as long as our military and their equipment are superior. China turns out 75,000 scientists every month. Now is not the time to question science and it’s benefits.

It isn’t the journalist, who protects Americans’ right to free speech. It’s the soldier, who does so. It isn’t the priest, who defends America against foreign threats, it’s the scientist, who invents the most technologically advanced weapons.