Friday, January 28, 2005

World Economic Forum Davos Switzerland

I’m starting to feel better. It’s almost evening here in Europe. I felt terrible all day long, but that’s my own fault. I told Bobbi to go back to bed. She kept falling asleep during a press conference this morning.

I met my good friend Bono and Tony Blair yesterday during a media event. We wanted to spend some time together, so we agreed to meet each other in Tony’s hotel suite. When I told my assistant, Bobbi I was off to visit Bono, she begged me to take her along. I know the kind of attraction Bono has on young women, so I let her tag along.

It was about 10:30 when we got to Tony’s suite. Bono was there already. Bobbi was so star struck, she was speechless, the three of us just laughed. Tony had a bottle of French wine, we opened it and had a great time. That is until Bono gave me a large package. He and Tony could hardly suppress their laughter. I opened the package and to my surprise, inside was a sax made of china.

Bono urged me to play something. To my big surprise, the sax actually worked. Tony asked me to play a song, but I declined to play alone. Tony and Bono got up, walked to the other room and came back with their guitars.

We jammed for a few minutes. Tony is a great guitar player. He told me he used to be in a band. He also told me once that during a short period, when he was homeless, he played guitar for tips on the streets and in the parks of London.

People always think guys like Tony and me were born with a silver spoon in our mouths. That is not true. We had to work very hard to get where we eventually got.

After opening up a few more bottles of wine, we stopped jamming and began playing old rock and roll hits. Bono sang and Bobbi clapped her hands. At one time Bobbi started singing along. It must’ve been the wine. All of us had to laugh. Bobbi has a distinct Southern accent. Bono asked her to choose the next song. She said she wanted to hear “Angel of Harlem”.

We were all silent for a moment and looked at Bono. Bono has a special relationship with that song. He rarely plays it. I don’t know why, but I know it’s so. It must’ve been silent for 5 minutes. Bono looked at Bobbi. Bobbi looked at me. Helplessly.

Then he said: All right. He began playing the opening chords of “Angel of Harlem”. I absolutely love that song. It’s a classic. He sang: It was a cold and wet December day, When we touched down at JFK.

Tony and I played along. I will never forget this moment as long as I live. We had such a good time.

We continued drinking and playing till 2:30. I was sitting on the bed, Tony and Bono were both sitting on a chair. All of us were more asleep than awake by then. I hadn’t slept the night before. I told the guys it was time for me to go. I looked around for Bobbi, but she was fast asleep on the bed.

I got up, sort of, my legs were too wobbly and I tried to wake her up. I couldn’t. I tried to lift her up to take her to her room, but my heart surgery has left me quite weak and Bobbi is a healthy young woman from the Florida panhandle. The last thing I remember is Tony saying he was going to the toilet and never returning and me falling to the ground.

I woke up early this morning. I had a terrible headache. Bobbi was still asleep on the bed. Bono was next to her, also passed out. He was still wearing his blue sunglasses. I woke up Bobbi.

I have to laugh though. Well now, not this morning. I said good morning. She said good morning. She looked to her side and screamed out loud. I said: It’s Ok. That’s Bono. We all fell asleep last night. You gotta get up. We have to go.

Oh God, I still have to laugh about the look on poor Bobbi’s face.

I went to the toilet. I heard someone say: yamma, yamma, yamma. I looked around and found Tony in the bathtub. He was sleeping like a baby. I couldn’t help myself. I threw water on his face. Hahaha. I woke him up good. When I left Bono was still asleep.

I feel terrible now, but I had such a good time last night. Tony and Bono are my true friends. They are wonderful people.