Monday, January 03, 2005

Welfare Reform and Internet Poker

I couldn't sleep. I played internet poker for awhile. I lost 22 dollars to someone in Nebraska.

Danny DeVito called me yesterday and admonished me for talking about Kevin Spacey's life so openly.

I told him it was the truth and that I've learned a few things as a politician. One of the things is there are always people with the same problems like you, who think their problems are unique.

If someone, who is being abused reads the post about Kevin, they will understand it happens to other people too. They will understand that there is help out there. That they can get out of that unhealthy situation.

My dad was an abusive drunk. I wish someone told me there was help out there, so my mom and brother and I didn't have to continue going through what we went through.

I've always tried to be honest. I've always tried to do the right thing, whether it was popular or not.

I remember the struggle to reform welfare entitlements when I was president. Many people in the Democratic party would tell me, African-Americans are your most solid constituency, why would you reform welfare, which will hurt them?

My answer was always simple. Reforming welfare was the right thing to do.

I know it would've been easier to do nothing, but what about the countless people welfare entitlements were hurting?

I know that there are people, whose jobs are so hard, that if they could receive welfare instead of work they would opt for welfare. OK.

But what about their children?

Would you like to have dad at home all day long? What kind of morals are you passing to your children if you spend your days in front of the television? Do you expect them to succeed in life with such an example?

That's the reason I can't get angry at my brother Roger, when he messes up again. I know where he's coming from.

Some might say, and said, this and that and people need it. Ok, but what about the people it's hurting? Who's looking out for them?

I think welfare reform was a major success. Even African-Americans, the people some in the Democratic party didn't want to enrage, told me it had made their lives more difficult at times, but in the end it was for the better of them and their families.

Sometimes, if you love someone and as a politician, you love people, you have to administer some bad tasting medicine for the people's own good.

It's not enough to cry together, you also need to find a solution that works together.