Monday, January 10, 2005

Social Security Crisis

My good friend Kevin Spacey made a movie once called Swimming With Sharks. That's what politics is, dealing with the Bushes. I have second thoughts about joining the tsunami effort. I can't go back, but still.

Anyway, the reason I have doubts about my new role is George Bush's push to privatize Social Security. He wants young people to be able to create private accounts. This will obviously take money out of the SS system and cause the system to collapse in the near future. The people, which will be hit most are old people. Young people can always get a job, but what should the old and the sick do?

It's pretty obvious what George Bush is trying to do. He did the same with the current budget. George Bush proposes huge extra spending on the military and homeland security. No politician wants to be seen as weak, so everybody goes along with these increases. They cause a huge budget deficit. The government tells congress money needs to be saved, so they start slashing current spending. And it always involves taking away money from social programs.

In other words, George Bush is cutting spending on programs he dislikes by overspending on programs he can get away with.

I knew this even before 9-11. The huge tax breaks for the rich were not meant to kick start the economy or to put money in middle America's pockets. It was meant to create a huge budget deficit, which in turn had to lead to cuts on spending, cuts on social programs.

It's the same old Bush objective, dressed up in new clothes.

People always say, Bush is a spend it all "new" Republican. This is not true. Just look at what he's spending money on.

Now Social Security. Bush wants to cut it down or even get rid of it. He wants private pension plans to replace a national system in the future.

He will arrive at his private pension plan by taking money out of SS. This will cause SS to run huge deficits. Since they are unsustainable, SS will need to be changed. People might have to work till they're 70 years old or the amount of money retired Americans get may be cut.

What Bush is doing, what he has been doing since before 9-11 is create a problem, then solve it using his own methods, which always include money going out of government and into the pockets of big business.

It's insurance companies and banks which stand to reap huge profits if young people can put their money in private accounts. Nothing "new" Republican about that.

The reason I have my doubts about my new role in the tsunami relief effort, is the fact that I'm bound. I can't all of a sudden start criticizing the president about Social Security. Americans wouldn't understand and blame me. He played his hand well.