Saturday, January 29, 2005

My legacy

Sometimes I ask myself whether I’m not too candid. Americans just don’t understand me sometimes. I’m not just referring to the dust, which is engulfing the right wing media after my comments in Davos. I don't care about these Rush Limbaugh Dittoheads. Not after all they said and did to me.

I was very open in my biography, My Life. I’m not planning on changing my style here. Why do I keep my diary? I think every politician should have one. It’s a way to communicate with the world directly. The Clinton library isn’t mine anymore. It’s customary to donate the presidential library to the nation. I did so too. It is now part of the National Archive.

It’s sad to see what happened to our country after I left office. President Bush has expunged almost every imprint I had made on the nation’s social and economic welfare. All the things I did to make this a better country are gone. What do people remember of the time I was in office? The only mistake I made.

I can’t make a new imprint on the nation as president. All I can do is hope Americans don’t forget my legacy. I was a darn good president. It seems like I constantly have to defend myself and my policies against my detractors.

I’m afraid, if I don’t fight back, my detractors will succeed in defining my presidency. What bothers me is that average Americans seem to forget, how it really was. My detractors seem to be able to put a whole new memory into their minds. A memory, which is just not true.

The only way I can defend myself is by being out there. Doing the State of the Nation Tour, writing this diary, giving speeches, helping rebuild the party and helping my fellow Democrats succeed.

People shouldn’t forget me or the things I did, which made this country such a great place to live during the 8 years I was president.

I’m still the same guy. That’s why I have to be candid, why I have to be open. I have to touch people’s hearts and hope they remember me and my presidency as they truly were. That's important to me. It's all I have left as time goes by.