Monday, January 31, 2005


We get dozens of E-mails. From now on, once in a while, we will post a selected few on this daily diary.

Readers' E-mails:

Dear President Clinton
I am really not sure what to say because I have never written to a President before. I have always feared doing so because when I was a little girl one of our neighbors was angry about the price of food and wrote a letter to President Ford. She got a nasty visit from the FBI, which I though a little silly, all because she was angry about the price of hamburger. As a result of this, everyone we knew always said, "Don’t write the President".
I found your diary on the Internet while doing some research on an entirely different subject and was very surprised. I was even more surprised after I began to read it and realized you sounded like a real - everyday person and not a politician. (No disrespect intended). At first I couldn’t believe that it was actually you writing it because you sounded like someone real, like a next-door neighbor and not the president. It was a pleasant surprise though.
First a little about me; I am a freelance writer and a novelist. I am definitely a Democrat. I did vote for you both elections. Though I worried about your welfare policies at first, (For years I was a single mother who had to scratch out a living for my children because I received no financial help from their father) but felt that your policies were mostly favorable for this country, and I still feel this way. Life was hard, but I made it and enjoy much success today. From what I understand, I come from a similar background as yourself.
I have wanted to say this several times over the last few years, and especially after this last election (Of which I will leave no comment about) I really wish you were still President, or at least someone with similar policies. It is just my personal opinion, but I never believed that what they did to you during your second term was right. Someone’s personal life and professional life should, for the most part be kept separate. You were doing a wonderful job, and that is what counts.
I wanted to address what you said in one of your posts about Democrats not getting it together. This is probably true to an extent, but I have to tell you that many average people whom I talk to, both Democrat and Republican are afraid to speak out against public policy at all, let alone organize in any way. Most people I have talked with feel that much of this country’s Constitutional Rights have been stripped and they fear legal reprisal or worse if they speak out against the current President or his policies.
After the last election I heard many many people talking of leaving the country and maybe immigrating to Canada or overseas. Now with the thought of the current President’s brother running in 2008 there seems to be a definite chance that we will end up with a family Monarchy instead of a Presidency. Apparently, there are a lot of people who fear we are losing any resemblance to democracy that we had to begin with and turning in to an Imperial Dictatorship. I don’t know exactly why I am telling you this except that it is important for those who are in power to know that many Americans, have this fear, and even worse, they are afraid to do anything about it. This is especially true of those of us who do keep up on what is happening in the world today.
I actually wept on the last Election Day because I was so disappointed and fearful for my country and my family. I vowed to do something more than vote for the next election and I certainly intend to do so, if there is a way I can volunteer and help. I am not a wealthy or famous person, but if there is a way to help, I will do so.
I am not really sure you will actually ever see this letter, but if you do I just wanted to thank you for the time you gave this country and tell you that there are many Americans who do miss you.

Warm Regards

Reading this E-mail made me mad. How can any American be afraid to voice his or her opinion? I had no idea that that is an actual concern for a lot of people. I blame the president for giving the impression that citizens should fear publicly speaking their mind. This is not how it should be. TLH, you did not succumb to the fear, which you say many people have. You are a brave person. Yesterday we saw the Iraqi people do the same thing. They didn't let themselves be cowed into silence by threats of harm. You shouldn't either. I thank you for your E-mail. It has opened my eyes to something I didn't know existed. This is another reason I need to undertake the State of the Nation Tour. I and the rest of the Democratic Party must understand, what's really happening in the US, not just what gets reported in New York newspapers. What does make me sad is the fact that people are allowing themselves to be cowed into silence, like your friends. They shouldn't, they must be brave, if not for themselves then for their children. What kind of world are they allowing to come into being for their children? If they know something is wrong, but they don't dare do something about it, even though they know in the end it will harm their children, they are simply wrong. This is the reason I'm agry at people, who call themselves Democrats, but, who do not actively get involved in making the party a success. I'm angry at Democrats, who do not volunteer or contribute to the party, but expect "others" to do it. Only active participation will get the Democratic party back in power. It has to be a grass roots activist effort if we want it to succeed. This is the reason I want my Tour of the Nation to be supported by small contributions from people, who care. What kind of fact finding tour would it be if I paid for it and people read it, without any involvement? It would be just another tour. Just another project nobody cares about, nobody is interested in and which is doomed to fail, because it won't push people to become involved in winning the congressional elections in two years time or the presidential election in four long years time. If we want to win, we need to start working now. If you want the Democratic party to win and take away your fears, you must actively participate now.
TLH, thank you for the E-mail. I wish you and your children the best.

I wanted to see if this is a valid address. I just discovered your blog today and am delighted! I met you in Tallahassee at the Capitol in March,1995 (before your personal troubles began), when I was president of the Tallahassee section of National Council of Jewish Women. I had just come back from the NCJW triennial legislative conference advocating on the Hill for your polices for women, children and families, and had missed seeing you there and then had missed your arrival at the Tallahassee airport by one hour on my return. I thought I was going to miss you again at the Capitol because the crowd was so thick, but you walked counter clockwise the way I was leaving where the crowd thinned, and I was finally able to meet you briefly. As I introduced myself and told you where I had been and what I had been doing, I noticed that you are probably the most attentive listener I've every known. You are able to stay in the present and give laser-like attention. I've never forgotten that.
Your blog is like your charming book continued. Please do whatever you can with your considerable people skills to wrest our country from the dark force of people who would rather destroy than construct. God bless you.

Linda G. Miklowitz,

Attorney & Counselor at Law
Tallahassee, FL

Hi Linda, I remember you very well. I hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you and the NCJW for the support you gave me and you continue to give to my wife. Tallahassee is a lovely place. Bobbi talks about it all the time. She comes from Alford, a few miles to the north. Maybe you know each other. I would like to thank you for your E-mail and I would like to wish you the best. Take care of yourself.

Pres. Clinton,
I accept the blame you impose. I have not done enough to help my local democratic party. I am starting to try to turn that around. I am a precinct chair here in Tarrant County, Texas. I just went to my first executive meeting and volunteered for the, here's the hook, Speakers Committee.
Our problem is this: We have only got $11,000.00 left in the bank. Our County Chair even had to lend over $10,000.00 of his own money to the effort to keep the doors open earlier this year. The executive meeting was about 2 things. Getting the Democratic Party rebuilt after serious losses and getting some money back in the pipeline.
I have been involved with a few other civic organizations and know that we could probably turn things to at least a slightly better place with a series of speakers that would draw some money to us. Dallas County Democratic Party has Wes Clark coming in February 11th. Dallas County has a larger organization than we do, though I don't know they are any better off.
Here's the pitch. Are you able to help us here in Tarrant County? After reading your diary I see you are still fatigued easily. Your friends in the country are still concerned about you. If you were considering a State of the Nation Tour anyway... could you consider coming to Fort Worth for a fundraiser. As I was reading in your book you used to be no stranger to small events and this would be a lalapaloosa small event. I couldn't guarantee what kind of audience there would be, though for Democrats worldwide you are still the man. I think we would have to find an immense hall to hold the love and appreciation our audience would shower on you.
Our Democratic Party in Texas is suffering. We were not able to save Martin Frost or Charlie Stenholm. Money to our counties is in short supply. I will probably be treading on someone or another’s toes by even sending this but hey they know and I know we need the help. The one thing I did learn in my previous experience was that speakers won’t come and help if they are not asked, and frankly Mr. President we need you, so I am asking. Is it possible?

John Derewitz
Pct 2383 Chairperson
Arlington TX

Hi John, I would like to thank you for your wonderful words about me and your interest in my health. I'm feeling better, but I can't say I feel like I used to feel before the surgery. My schedule is filled and with my activities for the victims of the tsunami and my Asian book tour, I actually have to scrap speaking engagements. The State of the Nation Tour is a fact finding tour, which I will undertake incognito. I will be in disguise. I want people to talk to me like they would talk to a stranger. I want the truth. I want to hear the real deal. I will report about my tour here on this daily diary. I will also post pictures of the places and maybe the people I meet on my journey. I don't believe in saying no, without giving an alternative. You should contact the Dean for Chair campaign. I think Dean needs people in the South and South West, like you in Texas. People in these regions fear Dean. They don't really know what he stands for. Actually they have the wrong impression of him. They think he's your typical New England liberal. He is not. Howard Dean is moderate on abortion, has a triple A rating from the National Rifle Association and is against gay marriage. The only point I disagree with him on is the war in Iraq. I support it. He doesn't. He does believe though that we need to finish what we started. I think it might be mutually beneficial for both your precinct and the Dean campaign if he was to speak at the event you're trying to organize. Try contacting his campaign. He might say yes. Just tell them I recommended you. I was a campaign volunteer for George McGovern in Texas, when he ran for president. I know what it's like to be a Democrat in Texas, so I would like to encourage you to keep up the good work. The party needs committed people like you. Have a good day, John.