Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Democratic Party supporters

I still receive questions about the plan I talked about months ago, the State of the Nation Tour. There isn't going to be a State of the Nation Tour. Let me be honest here. The tour was supposed to highlight all that had changed after I left office.
I'm disappointed in Democrats. We've become lethargic and lazy. We say we want to be saved from the Republicans, but what are we doing to be saved? We're not doing a damn thing.

The Republicans turn out millions of Evangelicals. Whom do we get out to vote? Nobody. Our voters are lazy. Our voters want others to donate. Our voters want others to volunteer. I'm disappointed in my fellow Democrats. I'm very disappointed.

You know, I worked really hard all my life. I tried to make America a better place. For 8 years it was a better place. I leave office and everything spirals out of control. I can't help but blame myself. I made many mistakes. But I also blame those, who believe in the Democratic party, but, who never contribute their time or money to see their party prevail. I blame myself, but I also blame you.