Thursday, January 06, 2005

Area 51 and Aliens

Bobbi and I went to the movies today. I can't do that too much, because of security reasons. That's why I watch the first screenings in the morning. The theatre is almost empty at that time.

We saw The Grudge and National Treasure. The Grudge is a horror movie about a cursed house. I thought it was slightly amusing, more amusing was Bobbi's reaction. She kept screaming and grabbing me and hiding her face against my shoulder.

I liked National Treasure very much. Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer made a very entertaining and interesting movie. I'm a conspiracy buff. I like reading books about secret societies and cloak and dagger stories. I was on the inside of government, so I know there is more out there than meets the eye.

You know, when I was elected, but before I was inaugurated, someone, a total stranger, whom I met on the street asked me to look into Area 51 and Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico. I laughed, but decided to buy a book about the subject. It was very interesting. I asked my good friend Webster Hubbell to investigate the matter.

When Hillary talked about the vast right wing conspiracy, she was mocked. Maybe the conspiracy wasn't a right wing one, but something else.

I never did get a clear answer about Area 51 from the ones with the security clearance. And I was the president.

More than that you know what happened to me during my second term. And you know what happened to Hubbell. He died.

Sometimes you shouldn't ask questions why, you just have to accept reality.

The electoral votes were counted in Washington today. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Senator Barbara Boxer forced a debate about the legitimacy of the election. Their objections were overturned. George Bush won fair and square, didn't he? Both times.