Thursday, January 27, 2005

Arafat and Barak Palestine and Israel

I'm having a great time here at the World Economic Summit. It's such a heart warming sight to see world leaders and CEO's of multi nationals come together to discuss ways to make the world a better place. My good friend Tony Blair made sure we, representatives of the industrialized countries didn't forget Africa. My fundraising efforts for the Tsunami victims is going well.

Today 60 years ago Russian troops liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi occupied Poland. Hillary has Jewish relatives, so this issue is very important to us. I learned a very important lesson. Such evil must never be allowed to happen again. When I tried to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together, I noticed one important thing. Who ever was in power, be it Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu or Barak, I could talk about every subject, but when it came to security for the Jewish people, goodwill became an iron clad no.

I understand that, now more than then. Yasser Arafat fooled me. I thought he really wanted to make peace. I tried hard to get the Israeli side to go the extra mile. He fooled me. When Barak went further than any prime minister in history and Arafat didn't close the deal, but instead unleashed a violence not seen in years, I understood, the Israelis were right. I was wrong.

It's amazing to see how one person can hold the freedom, happiness and prosperity hostage of millions of people. Arafat left the scene and the whole equation has changed. For the better.

I met Bill Gates today. He's donating money to the tsunami relief fund. I tried to get him to donate some money to my AIDS project, but I caught him at the wrong moment. There seems to be something wrong with Microsoft. Just before I talked to him, he had been grilled by journalists. I don't know much about computers, but it had something to do with leaks in Internet Explorer and viruses. What I gathered from the questions is that Microsoft is losing its dominance, that rivals have products, which don't attract viruses. If I was a betting man, I would start short selling Microsoft shares.