Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami in Asia

There are no words to describe my feelings right now. I'm devastated like many of you about the horrible catastrophe that has occured in Asia. A tsunami in the Indian Ocean has kelled tens of thousands of people in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives and Aceh, Indonesia. Millions lost everything they owned.

My heart goes out to these people. I was planning on touring Asia to promote my book, so Asia was on my mind a lot these past few weeks.

I've spent the last couple of days calling my friends over there to ask them if they were alright. I haven't been able to locate all of them. I hope for the best, but I fear the worst.

I would like to ask you to donate to the Red Cross or Oxfam, like I did.

I also think we as a nation need to play a pivotal role in the rescue and rebuilding effort. This is a time to show we Americans care. The world is looking at us.

It's a horrible thing to say, but I know my conservatives in the Republican party and they won't commit any resources to help in this effort if it doesn't directly benefit America. To them I would like to say that helping now will earn our country a lot of goodwill in Asia and amongst the biggest muslim country in the world Indonesia.

I also support the use of the military in this effort. First of all, it gives our troops a lot of chances to excercise and learn just in case something like that ever happens on our soil (which is possible geologically speaking) and build contacts locally. Which will benefit us in the war on terror.

This only reminds us of the incredible forces in nature. Whatever we people might think about our privileged place on this planet, we are no match for these forces of nature.

I heard rumors the administration might be interested in asking me to help lead the US efforts in Asia. All I can say is, this is not a time to ask questions why, this is a time to act.