Monday, November 22, 2004

Bill Clinton Peter Jennings interview video

President Clinton won't be blogging today. He's traveling. I've received many e-mails about Bill Clinton's interview with Peter Jennings on ABC. Thank you for your e-mails. There seem to be rumors that Mr. Clinton threatened or even physically assaulted Mr. Jennings. Everybody, who saw the interview knows this is not true.

After Mr. Kerry lost the election, I was a paid staff assistant at his campaign headquarters, I called Mr. Clinton to ask for a letter of recommendation and he was so kind as to offer me a job as a member of the PR team at the Clinton Center. I love my job here in Little Rock. It's pretty close to the place where I was born, North Florida. My job is to prepare president Clinton's Asian book tour, but I have to react to this rumor.

I found a video clip of the interview between Mr. Clinton and Peter Jennings. It's on a right-wing website, so please ignore the written remarks. The clip is about three minutes long. Judge for yourself. Click here to see part of the interview. I hope this sets the records straight.

I've noticed one thing working for the Kerry campaign. If you are attacked, and I think this is a very dirty attack on a great man, you have to respond with the truth immediately. Don't let it go or it will grow and come back to haunt you.

As you see: Nobody gets angry, nobody gets threatened, nobody gets assaulted.

President Clinton really is a good man, the nicest man you will ever meet and I have had the honor and pleasure of working for him since the first book tour months ago.

Bobbi Lamoon
junior Assistant PR manager
Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, AR