Friday, September 17, 2004

Fight with Senator Clinton

I want to apologize for not keeping you up to date about president Clinton's health for the past few days. Me and Mrs. Clinton had a fight. Everything is alright now. She apologized to me. We're friendly again. Actually I never had anything against her, she was the one who started the fight.

It was a few days ago, Mr. Clinton was feeling real bad and weak. I was reading the Washington Post to him. Mrs. Clinton came in to give Mr. Clinton his food. She asked me to go get some orange juice from the fridge. I did so. When I entered the room I saw Mrs. Clinton trying to force feed president Clinton. She was saying "Get better, Bill, Get better".

I could see president Clinton moving his head away, indicating he didn't want to eat. She kept saying "Get better, Bill, get better" and she kept trying to force a spoonful of mashed potatoes in his mouth. I saw she was hurting him. I went to her and told her to stop it.

She looked at me with these wild eyes and hit me on the head with the spoon. It hurt and that ain't cool. I tried to push her away, but I forgot I still had a glass of orange juice in my hand. It spilled all over her. Mrs. Clinton threw the spoon on the ground and lunged for my hair. She tried to hurt me and I defended myself as well as I could and she is much heavier than I am. I could hear Mr. Clinton say "stop it", but Mrs. Clinton went crazy. I saw from the corner of my eye he was trying to get out of bed, but he was too weak.

I was lucky. Chelsea entered the room, saw what her mother was doing and started shouting at us to stop fighting and that we were idiots for doing that in front of her dad. She jumped between us, that ended the fight. Hillary shouted at me to "Get out!". I looked at Mr. Clinton. He looked at all of us, motionless. He had tears in his eyes. I felt sorry. I left.

I've been working at the Kerry campaign headquarters for the past few days. Not yesterday, I didn't feel too good yesterday. I'm from the panhandle in Florida and hurricane Ivan, did a lot of damage there. I watched television all day long.

Yesterday, president Clinton called me to ask whether my family was alright. Thank God they are. Though my mother said Alford was ravished by the hurricane, but nobody was hurt. Mr. Clinton also asked me to come back to work for him. He told me Mrs. Clinton was sorry for what she'd done and that she was under a lot of pressure and that she was still shocked because of his heart problems.

Mrs. Clinton talked to me on the phone too. She apologized for her behavior. I accepted her apology. I told her I was sorry too for what had happened.

So now I'm back and I can keep you up to date about Mr. Clinton's health.

He's feeling good. He's able to walk outside and walk up and down the stairs. He's following his diet and I'm helping him with his exercises. I'm happy to be back.

Bobbi Lamoon