Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Visit Washington DC and i-pod

Book signing event:

July 6, 2004 Politics & Prose Bookstore 5015 Connecticut Avenue Washington DC 12:30 p.m.

It felt good to be home again. I had the most wonderful day here in Washington. I want to thank everybody for making this such a nice day.

Hi, Shari and Rudy Thomas. How are you doing, Mrs. Thomas? You have beautiful daughters. Thank you for voting for me and persuading all your friends to vote for me in '92. I appreciate it very much. Take care. (I promised to say hi to their mother) By the way Shari, you see? I am writing this diary.

I saw on television John Kerry has announced his running mate. John Edwards is a good man. I'm happy for him and his wife. I think Kerry made a masterful move by selecting a Southerner. They got the whole country covered now. If Edwards brings North and South Carolina with him, they will win, since Kerry already has all traditional liberal states. Very clever. The math is right, the message is right, the men are right. Come on guys, do it! Your country needs you now more than ever.

I obviously knew it would be Edwards. Kerry told Hillary and me about it in San Francisco. He asked us for advice. Edwards is the name both of us mentioned. We didn't persuade him. I think we just endorsed the person he had already chosen.

The traveling is becoming a bit of a hassle. If it wasn't for all the people I meet during this tour, I'd probably cancel it. Apart from the book signing sessions I spend most of the time in my hotel room. I can go out if I want to, but I'd have to notify my personal security, the local police, secret service. Too much trouble. So I'm pretty much holed up in my room. I'm reading this book about the neo-conservatives and the mess they made of our beautiful country. If you have the chance, read it. It will open your eyes for undercurrents that are at play in Bush's Washington most people know nothing about.

Apart from my book, I have some old movies on DVD, which I'm watching. I love old movies. Oh and there is Bobbi to keep me company and teach me to use my Sony notebook. I bought her an Apple i-Pod. She was so happy when it arrived today. I wanted to thank her for all the great work she's done for me.

I had no idea what an i-Pod was, until I saw her look at it on the Amazon website. I asked her what it was. An i-Pod is a sort of computerized walkman, which stores about 3700 songs. So instead of walking around with a few hundred CD's all you need is this little device. It's amazing.

I asked her if she was buying it, but she told me she didn't have the money. Which isn't surprising. She just left college. This job is her first paying job. She wants to be a publisher at a major publishing house. She is smart, she is beautiful and full of energy. She'll get there. She's trying to persuade me to have a book signing session in Alford, Florida. That's where she comes from. Alford has about 500 inhabitants. That means there are more people in an average line waiting to get their book signed by me than there are in Alford. Amazing.

So I bought the i-Pod for her as a present. First thing she did was download a song called "This love", by "Maroon 5". I have no idea how those things work, but I like the song.

Update: If you click on the link and scroll down, you will find a link, where you will be able to listen to the song.

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