Saturday, July 10, 2004

Playing Golf in Arkansas and Southern Democratic politicians

Bill Clinton in the media on July 10, 2004
Hamburg, Germany
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I took a break yesterday. I was back in Ark and a Sas. I've been playing a bit of golf. Bobbi, like pretty much any woman from the South doesn't play golf and neither cares much for the sport. I've been trying to show her how to play. She's hopeless. But she's a hard worker and a lot of fun. Her Southern accent is as big as Texas. As I said before, she's from the panhandle in Florida. It's Florida, but the panhandle is as South as it gets.

I don't know whether it's because she's from the South, but we get along with each other like a charm. Talking to her, having to spend all this time together on the book tour, it almost feels like being family. It must be the Southern connection.

I remember how much time it took me to get along with Hillary. She's from the Midwest. And I remember how much time it took her to adjust in Arkansas. I remember in law school, the Southerners always flocked together and the mid-westerners only got together to work on some project. The westerners stayed away from everybody. Even each other.

Strange how our country is united, but each region has its own characteristics. I like it. It gives our country some flavor.

Politically speaking, it has its benefits. For instance, I'm a liberal Southerner. People both in the South and the north voted for me, because for the Southerners I was a Southerner, how liberal could I be? For the north, that is New England, the Midwest and the Northwest, traditionally liberal voters voted for me, because I was a liberal. Same thing happened to L.B. Johnson and Carter. The same thing, but reversed happened to Reagan. He was the conservative leader of a liberal state, California. I think Americans like this mix, because they know these leaders are moderates.

I received an e-mail from somebody asking me why I use a capital S for the word South. I thought everybody wrote it with a capital S. This is the way I've been writing it, since I was in school.

Right now I'm in Germany for the international leg of my book tour. If you are in Germany, I'll be signing books in Berlin tomorrow. I hope to see all of you there.