Friday, July 02, 2004

High Blood Pressure and Overweight

There are no book signing sessions today.

I'm addicted to food. I nearly died yesterday. That's what the doctor said. After the book signing, the assistant publicist and I went to dinner. I, I'm such a fool. I ate 20 fried catfishes. I couldn't stop eating. After dinner I went to my hotel room to take a nap. I woke up an hour later, but I couldn't get up. I couldn't move anything. I felt the blood flowing through my head. I could hear the blood. I called out and one of my security personnel came to my rescue.

The doctor said I was so lucky. My blood pressure was dangerously high. I was about to get a brain infarct, as he called it. That means, the veins in my brain are so clogged up, they were about to burst. He gave me blood-thinning medication. That probably saved me. He told me I needed to lose weight or risk another attack and this time it might damage my brain.

I got the scare of my life yesterday. I could've ended up a vegetable. We just buried president Reagan. The last ten years of his life were very difficult. That could've happened to me. I'm young. I could've been a vegetable for the next thirty years. No way.

The doctor told me I had to lose 10 pounds a month for the next few months. I'm going to follow his orders. I hate exercising. I just hate it. I rather go on a diet. To be honest, I was on a diet. The South Beach diet. I didn't follow the instructions. I just ate whatever I liked.

I tried the Atkins diet. It didn't work. Well it works, but I didn't follow the instructions. I ate everything. I gained weight. I thought I needed support from friends, so I thought I'd call a few of them and ask them if they want to form a diet club. The first one I talked to was Danny Devito. He was interested in losing weight, but when I said Atkins diet he said NO! Why I asked and he said, "We, Italians eat everything with bread and if there is no bread, we eat pasta. We can't live without bread. And if there is one thing you're not allowed to eat on the Atkins diet it's bread". So the Atkins diet was out of the question. He said he had read about the South Beach diet, because everybody in Hollywood is on it and he suggested we adhere to this diet. We did. Me for a week.

There is something in my brain that wants me to eat everything I see. I can't help it. I love food.

Hillary doesn't diet. She does Power Yoga. Every day she practices for half an hour. It works. I've seen it work. Not only is she healthier, she also feels better. She feels light, like she can take on the world. I've seen her change. I think the rekindling of our love is a direct result of her new state of mind. Power Yoga is amazing, but I can't do it. For me it's too difficult. I will have to start jogging a bit and adhere to the South Beach diet.

I hope saying this here will force me to actually do it. I'm afraid I might relapse again. I hope not. My life depends on it, but I'm afraid food might be stronger than my fear for bursting veins.

I will try to make it to the book signing session tomorrow. The doctor said that was all right. I hope I feel better then. I hope to see you there. On my home turf.