Sunday, July 04, 2004

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everybody. May God bless America.

Hillary and me are getting ready to go to church. I plan on spending the rest of the day at home. Chelsea and Curley will visit us later today and if the weather holds we'll have a BBQ in the garden. I bought the George Foreman Rumble in the Jungle grill last year. It still works. I'm glad it works on electricity, so I can put it inside if it starts to rain. The weather here doesn't look too good.

I had a great time yesterday at the book signing session here in town. I was surprised at the amount of people, who showed up. I thought I'd only see a few neighbors, but it seems many New Yorkers took advantage of the session to get their copy signed too.

I hope to do some reading today. No books. Just Magazines, like the National Enquirer.

I love gossip. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I know most of the stars mentioned in those magazines. I remember talking to George Clooney. He's a pretty close friend of mine. I asked him "How come most of the gossip in the National Enquirer is actually true?" He told me something I never forgot. Stars work with assistants. Some to do their hair, some for manicures, some to do the travel arrangements, private cooks, personal trainers and who knows what other assistants. Thing is these assistants don't earn that much money, so if they see something or overhear a phone call and their rent or credit card payments are due, they sell the information for a few hundred dollars to the tabloids. Their consciousness is soothed by the fact, according to George that a lot of stars mistreat their staff.

To be honest, I've looked all through Amazon to find books about Howard Dean to read, but I couldn't find any recent releases. I'm a huge fan of Howard's. After the defeat of former vice-president Al Gore, the whole vote debacle in Florida, 9-11 and the upsurge of the war hawks, Democrats, the party and liberals in general were depressed and in disarray. It was Howard, who reinvigorated the liberal grass roots. It was Howard, who gave both the party and Democrats new energy to fight back. Most of us Democrats had given up on this year's elections, but Howard gave us new hope. Hope that we could actually win in 2004. What he also did was bring to light the huge anti-war groups, which exist in our nation, but didn't get any media coverage. For a long time only conservative, right-wing messages seemed to appear in the media. You'd almost forget that Democrats and liberals exist in this country. Howard gave them a rallying point, he showed us they exist and in such numbers, we hope to be able to defeat Bush in the November elections. Howard Dean is the man, who brought liberalism back to life. He will always be remembered and revered by liberals and a huge part of the grass roots Democrats for the good work he did.

I love my new Sony notebook. Bobbi has been teaching me to use it. It's difficult, but I'm beginning to get the hang of it. Some of the young people, who saw it, gave me a surprised look. I didn't know why, until one of them said "Mr. president, how come you're using the most popular, most advanced and hippest notebook on the market, while two weeks ago you didn't even know what an e-mail was?" I laughed. So I made an impression on Washington's hip young professionals. Good!

Oh, I bought an excercise machine. It costs me 250 bucks and I'll get it in 2 days. Not bad a deal. I saw it on TV once. Chuck Norris recommended it. He is my age and he looks great, so it must be good. I'll try it out.

I was thinking about something. Do you remember during the last presidential campaign, during one of the debates, Al Gore went over to Bush, who is a bit smaller than him and intimidated him physically? It was a weird moment, but I think it stuck with Bush. I think he did feel intimidated, because not long after that he started lifting weights and you can't hear him talk on TV nowadays without him telling everybody how many pounds he's pushing now. I had to think about this strange moment, when I bought the exercise machine. Did times change so much? Al Gore actually tried to physically intimidate Bush. I remember I thought "Oh God, this doesn't look too good. What will the voters think?".

Hillary seems to be ready to go, so I'm off to church. Have a good day and please remember our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world, who make it possible for us to celebrate this day in freedom.