Friday, June 04, 2004

Visit Catskills

Good morning. It's a beautiful day! I went to the Catskills yesterday. I haven't driven that amount of miles for years. I stopped at a roadside restaurant on my way. The building is made of logs. I ate a bison meat steak there. That was my first time. It tastes like beef, but with a deeper meat taste. I liked it very much. Maybe I should accept Ted Turner's invitation to do some fly fishing on his bison ranch in Montana. I like Ted. It's just his constant whining about the environment I dislike. And the way he talks. A bit like a donkey. EeeAaaa, umh...Theee...Aaaaa... You can't conduct a normal conversation with him. I just had to laugh. I was thinking what would a conversation between word challenged Bush and Old Teddy sound like. Hahaha.

Something stupid happened yesterday. I got a call from my agent that I was supposed to do the keynote speech at the BookExpo in Chicago. I had completely forgotten this. I stopped at the nearest airport and was picked up by a helicopter. I was late, but I got a standing ovation when I arrived. I adlibbed the whole speech. I got a standing ovation. Right after that I got a lift back to the Catskills and I continued my journey by car.

I didn't get to see Neil Sedaka, but I did see Ronnie Spector perform. She used to sing for the Ronettes(see sidebar). "Be my Baby" and "Baby I love you, I love only you". She aged beautifully, like most brunettes. I bought her CD. I played it all the way home. There is nothing better than driving through the dark, listening to love songs by beauties from the sixties. I had a great time yesterday. Oh yeah, when I got home, Hillary wanted to do it. I didn't. I just wanted to close my eyes and dream away. Don't ask. She's in Washington now.

By the way, a commenter asked about Buddy, my dog. He died two years ago in a traffic accident. I miss the little fellow. A lot. For a long time he was the only one who was happy to see me when I came home. I miss him a lot.

I have a speaking engagement to attend today, so that's what I'm preparing myself for right now.