Friday, June 25, 2004

Trip to Santa Monica California and Playing Poker with Friends

Book signing event today:

June 25, 2004 Brentanos 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles 5:00 p.m.

I love Los Angeles. The sun, the sea, the beach and especially the Latino vibe. I have a lot of friends in Los Angeles. I stayed at one of my best friend's house. You might know him, Kevin Spacey. He was in that blockbuster movie American Beauty. He got an oscar for his role. You're probably asking yourself why I'm still up. We were playing poker. Me, Kevin, his long time boyfriend, yes Kevin Spacey is gay, Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin. It was one hard game. Like walking a marathon. All of them are thorough professionals when it comes to playing poker. The best poker player in Hollywood is Danny DeVito, but he has to work tomorrow morning, so he couldn't make it. I said all were good players. That is except for Kevin's boyfriend, Dana Brunetti. After a few hands we put him on the drinks and snacks shift. I don't think he liked it. He gave Kevin this look. All of us were a bit embarrased. I felt that he felt that we all thought he was some sort of toyboy who'd be gone as soon as Kevin saw someone more interesting. Anyway, oh talking about food, I ate 4 tacos in 2 hours. Oh God, LA is Mexican food heaven. If you ever visit LA make sure you visit The Green Burrito downtown. It's next to the high rises. If you order a taco meal, you get salad and beans with your taco. And a drink ofcourse. It's a fast food restaurant, but the food tastes much better than Taco Bell's.

Something strange happened just before my interview with Larry King. When I entered the studio, this woman, she probably works there, I was shaking hands with the people working there and she slipped me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. I was so surprised. I looked at it and I just laughed out loud. The others saw what happened and looked at the woman. She turned red. Oh boy, I don't know. A few days ago I was eating at this diner and I was having a great time talking to the waitress. Suddenly she told me she was in the middle of her divorce and that when it was all over, she'd like to meet me again and could I give her my phonenumber. I hadn't expected the conversation to take that turn. I don't remember what I said to her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I didn't want to give her my number either. Do women really think I'm in the market? Why? My reputation? I can see that, but I have never contemplated divorcing Hillary. She might have thought about it after my mistake, but I have never thought about it. She had every right to do so. I was wrong and the way she stood up for me. I still feel terrible. You know I bought her a necklace on Amazon. Well actually, my publicist did. I'm computer illiterate. I type with one finger, looking at the keyboard. I bought her this. Pretty right? Well anyway, I don't mind women looking at me that way. It's nice to know I still got some attraction left at my age.

The interview with Larry King, Mr. Live! was lousy. I don't like critisizing people, but the level of the chat was sub par. What kind of questions were those? Those are questions you ask some teenage pop tart. “What was your lowest moment in office, what was your highest moment in office, what's your favorite color.” I used to be president. I wrote a 957 page book. What do I get? Obligatory questions. I don't think he prepares his interviews. What did he ask me that viewers didn't know already? It just went from bad to worse and at the end, during the commercial breaks we weren't even talking anymore. Hey if somebody is too lazy to prepare himself and do a REAL interview, there is nothing much I can do. So if you saw the interview and decided not to buy the book, because I was boring, I ask you to give the book a chance. It wasn't my fault.