Monday, June 28, 2004

Trip to San Francisco and Robin Williams

Book signing event:

June 28, 2004 Book Passage (Ferry Building) 1 Ferry Building San Francisco 2:30 p.m.

Me, Hillary, Robin Williams and his wife went on a double date yesterday. We went to the harbor. We ate fish at a small restaurant. After that we went to see Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. I don't want to say anything about the content, because American soldiers are still in harms way in Iraq. But I can say it was very entertaining. If you have the time go watch it. Robin said he thought it was the best movie he saw this year. I disagree. Big Fish is my favorite.

After the movie we went to a local bar. We didn't get drunk, but we did have to call a taxi to take us home. That's when the fun started. Oh boy!

Now you must understand that Robin isn't just funny onscreen, but also in real life. There is only one problem. He knows how to persuade others to do the craziest things. At home, Robin thought of a prank and yes, he did persuade me to play along.

What happened was this. Robin put Mariah Carey's CD in the CD player, took the remote control, told the women me and him were going to get some wine and we went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen we took off all our clothes except for our boxer shorts and socks. We put on ties and sunglasses. We both had one of those plastic microphones kids play with in our hands. Robin pushed the play button on the remote control and Mariah Carey started singing.

Me and him went into the living room and stood in front of the women. We did this whole dance routine as Mariah Carey sang "Oh, when you walk by every night, Talking sweet and looking fine, I get kinda hectic inside...."

We must've looked like two drunken sailors. Oh God, what was I thinking? That's the kind of influence Robin has on me and all his friends. The guy is crazy, but he also manages to make us lose our minds.

Oh and when Mariah sang "I'm in Heaven, With my boyfriend, My laughing boyfriend, There's no beginning, And there is no end..." the two of us would look at each other like we were in love and put both of our hands on our hearts.

What was the result of our hard work? The women rolled their eyes and told us "Go get the wine".

Oh boy, I still have to laugh out loud, when I think about it.

I had a wonderful day. I know one thing, I hope to be able to visit this city again next year.

Chelsea called yesterday to ask if she and curly could join us in San Francisco. I put an end to that idea real fast. I know how romantic San Francisco is. If there is one thing I don't want it's romance between curly and my daughter.

I hope to see everybody at the book signing. I'm looking forward to it.