Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Roger needs Loan

Roger called. He asked for a loan to pay off the arrears in his ex wife's alimony and child support. His ex took him to court. If he doesn't pay, he has to go to jail. I already pay the costs of my nephew's private school. I'm not planning on giving money to a grown man. He used to make a lot of money as a musician and as my brother, but he blew it all on women, fast living and cocaine. Hillary and me paid the costs of the therapy to get rid of his drug habit. No more. Recently they repossessed his SUV. Now he's living in a flee bag hotel in L.A. He claims he can't work, because his arms and legs have swollen up, because of some disease. I think he's just being lazy. I love my brother, but he needs to take responsibility for his own life. I'll let him sweat it out for a bit, maybe the prospect of another stint in jail will force him to grow up.

I also got a call from curly. He asked me if I wanted to go to the Knicks game with him. Huh??? Get a clue, punk, I don't like you. Hey, thinking about it, he called me on my private cell phone. How did he get the number? Oh Chelsea, you should know better. Now I have to look up the manual and learn how I can block his calls. I have no idea where I put the darn manual. Maybe the housekeeper has seen it. Curly, curly, curly.