Sunday, June 06, 2004

Remembering Ronald Reagan

I heard the news. President Ronald Reagan died at age 93. May he rest in peace. I emptied another bottle of wine when I heard this yesterday. A bottle of Californian wine, unlike the first bottle which was French wine. My wife had gotten it from a friend. The French wine was a present from one of my friends. My friends like me.

I liked Reagan. Not his politics, but his close bond with the American people. There are two presidents who made an impression on me. Kennedy for his idealism and Reagan for his forcefulness in getting his message across. He was a lot like me. Irish, Protestant, harsh poor youth without a father. The luck of the Irish and a goddamn amount of hard work brought us on top. I feel very close to Reagan. He was a good man. May God bless him.

Chelsea is visiting today. With curly. I hate curly. He is polite, but I can feel it's fake politeness. He belongs to the East Coast establishment. I remember we were eating and my wife asked me for my opinion about a legal matter and this dickhead cut me off and gave his opinion. Can you believe that? He just came out of university. What kind of opinion can he have? Based on what? I've been in politics for 30 years. Same goes for Hillary. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had a fork in my hand. I swear I was about to poke his eye out. Chelsea probably saw my face and changed the subject. I don't like these privileged punks. Wouldn't surprise me if he snorts cocaine.

As you can see I've added some links to Amazon on the right. Readers have been e-mailing me about the music I was talking about in my posts. I put up the link to make it easier to find the albums. The quality ones, that is. There is a lot of rubbish on the market. That's the reason I didn't link to any Neil Sedaka album. The ones they sell at Amazon don't have all his hits on it. Others are rerecorded. Rubbish. The links I provide link to quality products only.

I read on the Amazon site I will receive a small percentage of every sale made through this site. I know what I'm going to use the money for. I have had this idea for months. I want to travel around the United States and just see the State of the Nation. I know how I left it. I want to know how much damage W has done. I will change my hair, put on some glasses and just travel around, unnoticed like an average man. I will talk to the people, read the local newspapers, look around and just immerse myself in the real America. Find out what's happening to real people. I will report about my travels and the State of the Nation here. That's what I will use the Amazon money for.