Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Paint my Portrait

Don't want to gloat, but have you seen the presidential portrait Simmie Knox made of me, which will be hung in the White House? Monday, me and Hillary attended the White House ceremony. I wanted to mention it before, but I thought I better wait till I can post the pictures too. Bush said a few words, made a joke, which was actually funny and me and Hillary unveiled the portraits. She has a portrait too. Smaller than mine. I choose Simmie Knox to paint my portrait. Hillary chose Simmie too (How original!). I like his work. He's an African American and normally only paints African Americans. The first time I saw the painting I was confused. It looks like Simmie darkened me up a bit. I don't mind, but I have this feeling that when people look at the painting in 200 years they'll think I really was the first black president.

Chelsea and curly were there too. I didn't want the mongoose there, but what can you do? Chelsea had a major make over. She looks gorgeous, beautiful, ravishing. So why was curly asleep? No, I'm going to enjoy Hillary ripping him apart.

Today I have a speech to make. I prepared myself as best I can. Ad libbing is one of my strong points, so I don't really get frightened by crowds. Oh and I lost 30 bucks to some Texan playing online poker. The first time any Texan has won anything from me. It was an exciting game, so he's welcome to it.