Sunday, June 20, 2004

Making Love

Yesterday I had a wonderful day. I did it. I made love. With Hillary. It was the first time in a long time. I have no idea what happened. We were both in the mood I guess. I was listening to a jazz record. All of a sudden she grabbed my hand, looked deep into my eyes and pulled me up slowly. She put her head on my shoulder, put her arms around me and she danced. I froze for a full minute. I had no idea what she wanted from me. She just wanted to snuggle. I guess I was randy too. I kissed her forehead and we danced for quite a while. After that we ordered lobster from a local restaurant. We made out on the couch like a bunch of love besotted teenagers. I laughed all through dinner. Hillary is very funny, when she wants to be funny. Her imitations are hilarious. Her Teresa Heinz Kerry and Bob Dole imitations are great. I remember we had Christopher Walken and his wife for dinner. I tried to embarrass Hillary, so I asked her to do her Christopher Walken imitation. You know how Chris talks in his movies. She did him. Chris loved it. He couldn't stop laughing. He spent the rest of the dinner under the table.

After dinner we went to bed. I don't know whether I should say what I'm about to say, but I promised to be open about my private life. I'm open about it in my book, so I might as well do the same here.

There is one position I like more than any other. I saw it on one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies. The first Terminator movie. In the movie is a sex scene between Linda Hamilton's roommate and her boyfriend. The boyfriend is on top of the woman, doing his thing. She is still wearing her dress and listening to her walkman. She's moving her head and has her eyes closed and she's singing along with the song and acting like there's nobody chipping away on top of her.
I got Hillary to act out the scene many times. At first she'd listen to Bruce Springsteen. I got her to change this to The Ronettes and turn up the volume, so I could hear the song too. There is no sweeter way to make love to a woman than to be on top looking down on her as she's swaying her head, eyes closed and The Ronettes singing "Baby I love you, I love only you" on the background. I don't know why I like this missionary style (and then some) so much. I think it's the fact that your partner acts like nothing's going on. One time I even got Hillary to not just listen to her walkman, but to read the Wall Street Journal at the same time. I love it.

After the affair, she stopped doing it. I spent a long time sleeping on the couch in the White House. I deserved that. After things were Ok between us, the intimacy never returned completely. It did yesterday. Maybe this is a new chapter in our relationship. I really hope so. We ate breakfast together this morning and for the first time in years I felt I belonged. I do love her.

It's Father's Day today. Chelsea will visit us later today. Hillary gave me a present. A book called The Trouble With Islam: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith written by Irshad Manji. Hillary said it's about a young Muslim woman from Canada, who tries to liberalize Islam, to make it more inclusive. It's in the top sellers lists in Canada, Europe and Asia. It's making quite a splash in the US too. She's had many death threats from muslim fundamentalists. Should be interesting to read the inside views of a liberal muslim woman. Especially with 9-11, Al Qaida, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Saudi Arabia, beheadings and all these suicide bombers. Liberalism and Islam. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

Oh, by the way, Chelsea will come without curly. This day is turning out to be a wonderful Father's Day.

I wish all of you a happy Father's Day.