Friday, June 18, 2004

Demis Roussos and Giving Flowers

I sent Nancy Reagan a letter yesterday. In it I thank her for her invitation to attend the funeral of her husband and how much it meant to me. I know there are some rumors that I was angry at her, because I didn’t get to talk at the funeral, but this is nonsense. I think it might have been more inclusive if one of the Democratic former presidents had been asked to speak, but I think it was a very dignified state funeral.

Some people wonder what it is like to be sitting next to the Bush’s. After all I sent daddy Bush home after just one term. Thing is, when the presidents are together we all have a great time. There isn’t much bad blood left between any of us. Politics is our job. You work hard, you play hard, but when it’s over, it’s over. On the other hand, there is a lot of venom in the presidents’ wives. I wouldn’t want to meet Barbara Bush in a dark alley at night.

I sent Nancy the Demis Roussos album I link to on the sidebar. It’s the music you want to hear, when you’re sad. It’s just a token of respect. Just something to remember me by. I remember when I was in elementary school and our teacher, Miss Janet had her birthday. In our school it was tradition that when a teacher has a birthday you get to play games all day long and you get candy and other treats from the teacher. The kids were supposed to buy the teacher a present. We were very poor, so I couldn’t afford the pens, books, roses other kids were giving her. Mom gave me some change and told me to buy some flowers. I went to the flower shop. The flowers cost more than I had. I didn’t know what to do. In five minutes I had to be in class. I bought a potted plant and walked to school. My feet felt like iron. I got there. I could see the other kids looking at my potted plant. They were probably wondering whether I had taken it from our garden. The teacher looked at all the presents and thanked everybody. I felt humiliated. I hated being poor.

A year later Miss Janet had a child. School kids were all invited to her house to look at the baby. The whole class went. She asked us to come to the living room. My classmates sat down and looked at the baby. Miss Janet looked at me and pointed at this potted plant with small orange balls in it. It looked like a miniature orange tree. She said “That’s the present you gave me for my birthday. I still got it. It’s beautiful”.

You can’t understand how good this made me feel. It’s not about how big or how expensive the gift is, but how well chosen. If someone is sad I give them the Demis Roussos CD. If someone is getting married I give them the KC and the Sunshine band CD. These gifts go for a long time. As long as they play them, they remember you and the fact you were there when they were sad or happy. Being remembered is important to me.