Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bad Reviews

There are no book signing events today.

Bill Clinton will appear on:

June 24, 2004 AOL and Infintity Broadcasting 1-hour LIVE Town Hall meeting: The President will take calls and e-mails from listeners. 6:00 p.m. ET

June 24, 2004 Larry King Live CNN 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

Are these newspaper critics trying to hurt me or is it really a lousy book? I worked three years on my book and all they do is open a bottle of wine, dip their pen in acid and write a review twenty minutes before their deadline. I know them. I know these snotty nosed East Coast liberals. They've always looked down on me. I'm Bubba, the dumb Southerner, who likes Elvis. For some reason he became a liberal, but still, it takes generation for a farm boy to get his farm mentality out of his thinking. However high you rise, they will never accept you, because you weren’t born in the right place. They'll just use you when you're useful. You know what...

No it does hurt. 3 years of my life, years in university, years in Oxford and I'm still a farm boy trying to put a string of words together in their mind. There I go again. I'm too emotional. My eyes are filling with tears again. I haven't slept all night. I ate 7 tacos. I eat when I'm unhappy, eventhough I'm on the South Beach Diet. I have to lose some weight. At my age I can't carry it around anymore. My back hurts.

I'm angry. They never gave my book a chance. They didn't read 957 pages. They skimmed through it. Their opinion of my book is unjustified. If they would just read it. But no, they got their opinion about this randy fat boy ready, right? What can I do? What if Americans follow their opinion and don't read my book? Why is everybody jumping on the Bash Clinton bandwagon? Why?

No that's not true. The American people support me. Did you see the rows in front of the bookstores? Did you see it? I almost lost my breath when I drove past the queue to enter the bookstores to sign the books. I had never expected this.

There is nothing I love more than to shake hands with normal Americans. To ask them about their lives, their family. I love talking to people. I love people. I love Americans. They are the ones, who gave a poor boy from Hope, Arkansas a life he could only dream of. It wasn't the critics. I owe Americans so much. That's why I did my utmost to repay Americans for their confidence. I mean it took confidence to vote for me in '92. My policies as president were always aimed at helping normal, hardworking Americans trying to raise their families in peace. I understand them. I am one of them. Whatever the critics say, I'm proud to be one of the people.

I understand life. It’s not a wonderful thing. You have to make it wonderful. What makes it wonderful is your first date, your first car, your wife, your children, your friends, your house, for which you worked hard. Life is a work in progress. It can be a bit more or a bit less wonderful. I just wanted to make American's lives a bit more wonderful. That’s all I ever wanted.

I ran into a few Americans in the hotel just before the first event. That's why I was a bit late. I apologize for that. But these Americans were telling me how life had gotten worse after I left office. One of them, named Fred (he's from Racine, Ohio. He asked me to say hi to his wife Jen and his daughter Carrie. They read this diary. By the way Carrie, don't bother your dad about building a swimming pool in the garden. You must understand grown-ups have other priorities. You'll understand in a few years). During the boom years when I was president he was able to start his own company and make a good living. He employed 14 people in Racine. But things took a turn for the worse and he recently had to file for bankruptcy. He blames Bush for his economic woes. What could I say? I wished I was back in office. I wished I could change policies to help this man and many in his situation. But I'm not, so I can't. This just shows you how vital voting for the right man or woman is. Fred urged me to ask Hillary to run in '08 with me as vice president responsible for running the economy. I laughed. He said he looked into it and constitutionally it's allowed. I told him he'd have to ask Hillary. She'd be the president. I had a good long talk with them. They are what's important to me. Not some critics.