Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Private Detective New York

I don’t have much time. Gil is on his way here to pick me up. He received a tip. Roger is in New York. We’re going after him. Wish me luck.

Democratic Party

Another political scandal is brewing in Washington. The rumors I hear is that Democratic Senate aides have been caught distributing a fake memo to journalists they said was written by Senate Republicans.

The memo is supposed to be an internal Republican document talking about strategies the Republicans should follow to profit politically from the Terri Schiavo case.

If these rumors are true, this would be the second time in a year that the Democratic party was involved in the creation or distribution of forged documents.

The first time had to do with Bush’s National Guard Memos. The memos purported to be thirty year old documents written by president Bush’s commander in the National Guard criticizing the president for refusing to follow a direct order.

These “thirty year old memos” were in reality made by a longtime Texas based Bush adversary called Bill Burkett. He wrote them on his computer and then copied them a few times to make them look old.

He fooled Dan Rather and CBS News and they used these memos just a few weeks before the election.

The Democratic Party was involved in this case too. I should be more specific. The Kerry campaign was involved in this affair.

As one of his conditions for giving CBS the memos, Bill Burkett asked CBS to put him in contact with the Kerry campaign. CBS did so and Bill Burkett talked to Kerry’s campaign advisor Joe Lockhart about strategies to cause maximum damage to the Bush campaign using the fake memos. Joe Lockhart was my press secretary when I was president. I’m very disappointed in his behavior, especially since his role in the affair is rubbing off on me, because of our relationship in the past.

As you know Dan Rather was forced to resign, because of this affair. I think it also contributed to John Kerry’s loss in the election.

Americans don’t want their leaders to be involved in murky business to get elected. Most Americans take our democratic processes serious. That’s the reason even Republicans, most of them anyway agree that Nixon’s Watergate behavior was wrong.

If it turns out the memo in question now was written by Democrats, this would damage the credibility of our party.

I don’t know what’s wrong with our party leadership on Capitol Hill these days. It seems like common sense politics have been replaced by guerilla tactics.

There is nothing wrong with using some off the book tactics to derail your opponent’s campaign. That’s politics, but the problem in Dan Rather’s case is more severe. That bordered on an attempt to steal the election.

That’s the reason I’m angry about this new fake memo issue. Americans might forgive you once, but they won’t do it twice. What’s more, these tactics are not just criminal, legally speaking, but they are also unnecessary.

The majority of Americans agree with the Democratic Party’s point of view in the Terri Schiavo case, so why do a stupid thing like forging a memo?

I’m telling you, sometimes I really despair of the quality of our party’s leadership.